Psalm 23:5: You serve me a six-course dinner…right in front of my enemies. 


Psalm 23 would have to be my most favourite place in the Word to sit and marinate in. Revelation after revelation each and every time I read this. It’s like every line has been associated with a significant season in my life.  


This season I find myself in verse 5.  It says, “You serve and prepare a six course dinner right in front of my enemies  .”


Lately I have felt like the enemy has been firing on all cylinders towards me and my family. It excites me as I realise I must be taking some ground for God and our enemy is aware.  However, as a mum, watching one of my kids go through some pretty hard circumstances, my mummy-heart becomes heavy and worried. Yes, I know how to battle in the spiritual and I know how to give wisdom and support in the natural… But my mummy heart aches and I worry… What can I do? Where can I turn? Who can help? 


And it is in this moment I find myself now; and I read that in this season God takes time to serve me a six course meal in front of my enemies.  


Recently Bruce and I went out to a very fancy restaurant and shared an amazing experience of an 8 course degustation menu from an incredible chef. Everything about this experience was divine, from the fine linen tablecloth, to the candles and flowers, and the most amazing combinations of food that had been prepared for many hours before we had the pleasure of sitting down to enjoy it. We had to do nothing except sit together and dine and relax and enjoy each other’s company. There was nothing rushed or fast about this experience… it was just time to sit and be.  


So I was thinking about my spiritual battle; sometimes I just want to grab a quick word or bite from God and back to battle.  Yet God wants me to come sit as His table, and enjoy His company.  

When we are facing a mountain and we don’t have the answers, that is the time to sit with the One who has all the answers. Even in the midst of the battle, He is not rushed or worried or hurried, He has got you and He has got time to be with you and give you supernatural protection and resources and wisdom during the course of the meal.  


Your situation may be roaring at you, and fear and worry and anxiety come to distract you, But God says to you, “Sit my beloved, and share a meal with me.” Linger in His presence and look at the attention to detail in the table and the meal. He wants to spend time with you, and then equip you to fight again with His Holy Spirit direction.


Not by might, not by power but by His Spirit…  


So, what’s your battle? When was the last time you pulled up a seat at the feasting table with the One who loves you more than you can ever realise, and lingered in his love? Just as I happily wasted an evening with Bruce gazing in his eyes and chatting, God wants that and so much more with you. He wants you rested and refreshed in spite of your situation.  


Your invitation has been sent – a dinner in the company of your King!  In the midst of your trial, be seated at the table, with your fancy napkin on your lap, and gaze into your Beloved’s eyes. He has got you. He has prepared for you and is ready to serve you a six-course dinner to you… right in front of your enemies. 


How safe we are in His company!