I have an amazing friend who is my essential oil, whole foods, all natural go to girl! We were recently chatting about some interesting articles she was reading and she said this: 


“The weed family is amazing; they have so many medicinal applications… Even in the curse, God wove blessing.” 




He just can’t help himself but bless us. Even in weeds. Even in the curse. 


Weeds were a part of man’s curse for original sin (Genesis chapters 1-3). In the Garden of Eden, humanity willfully disobeyed God, and there were some serious consequences for it. 


And yet, He managed to weave blessing into the curse. 


I imagine that scene in the garden looking something like this… 


In the cool of the day, a shameful, leaf-clad Adam and Eve emerge from hiding. They, and a smug serpent, stand before a broken-hearted God. As the loving Father spoke of their punishment, the Devil’s arrogance was growing, thinking he had won. People were now separate from their Creator, and their life would be surrounded by suffering. 


But our loving Father couldn’t help himself. 


“Snake you will slither on your belly!” – (and all of heaven knew “people, this is for your good! They are about to get nasty. You really don’t want these guys running or, even worse, flying!! Good grief.)


“My daughter, your pain in childbirth will be greatly increased,” God said, and the Devil smirked. But in His heart, God knew of its redemptive nature: “The pain of birth, the sorrow of miscarriage, the grief of infertility – I never wanted that for you, my darling. But in the depths of this pain, you will glimpse My transcendent love for you. This pain will show you an inner strength you never knew existed, a beautiful and enthralling strength.” 


“My son, you will work the land – a land now covered in weeds,” and the arrogant Devil stood tall in his perceived victory. But in God’s heart He said, “As you work, your body will grow strong, and those weeds, well, you will learn that I’m weaving some healing into them. Some of them can heal your aches and pains, some will bring balance and cleanse your body. You have not needed this before, my perfection was sufficient. You will need it now. You face a harsh new world now, my son. I cannot be with you, your sin separates us. But know, now and always, that I have gone before you.” 


“Now we have to part ways. I am light, and in Me there can be no darkness at all. I will love you forever. I will get you back, my darling beloved children!” 


The Devil walked away and started wreaking havoc all over the earth, thinking he had won the final victory. 


He had not. 


In that very first attack on humanity, from the very outset of suffering from what the enemy intended for evil, God worked for good. 


He weaved blessing into the curse. 


He is still weaving blessing. 


“And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.” Romans 8:28 (AMP) 


I am confident that whatever your circumstances, He is working them for good, He is weaving blessing. It may be disguised, you may have to look hard and deep. It may be so hidden, only hindsight will tell, but it is there. Just like the prickly thistles hiding a medicinal gem; an emergency hospital-stay where you share the gospel with your roommate; a death in the family that triggers a reconnection of relationships; a personal tragedy that changes your life-course to perhaps meet your Saviour, a spouse or a treasured lifelong friend. 


Dear sisters, be encouraged! Your Father is weaving blessing into your life.