I was watching “Peter Rabbit” with my four-year-old daughter the other day. I don’t mind it on the scale of children’s entertainment.  It is kinda cute.  But she never wants to watch it on her own because, let’s face it, Mr Todd has serious crazy eyes and is a bit creepy talking about killing them all the time.  She gets quite scared of some episodes, yet still wants to watch. I realized during this one episode, how liberating it is to be able to watch this cartoon with the knowledge that nothing is actually going to happen to these dear bunnies.  It is a children’s cartoon, on in the early evening. (They would not kill the cute little bunny that they want you to love- that would be a different audience the author would be writing for.) I, as an adult, can appreciate the story in its context, knowing that the story will always end well – Peter Rabbit will always save the day – and that helps me not to be scared or worried throughout. I quickly drew a parallel to the freedom we, too, have as Christians. We know that the story of our lives is intended to be victorious. There may be times, like in Peter Rabbit, where they are being naughty in Mr Mcgregors Garden, or trying to rescue their friends, where things look a little too much like rabbit pie is for dinner. But we know it won’t end there- the author wouldn’t have it. It can feel like that in life: health takes a turn, relationships corrode, finance becomes a struggle, the feeling of no hope, feeling like we are not winning. There are tough seasons in life that many of us face. Well, all of us, really. But we are blessed with Kingdom perspective.  We know the end is bright, God is good and He is the Author – and Finisher – of a triumphant story inclusive of your life! Does that mean there aren’t scary parts that will get you worried and confused?  Of course not!  Does that mean we will all escape pain and hurt? Not exactly. But Kingdom perspective – a perspective that is rooted in our knowledge that God wins, and those with Him are taking ground – means we can feel more liberated in these hard times, fueled with a hope and a peace that is beyond a human understanding. Now of course, your cancer, your divorce, your troubled child, your job loss etcetera, are much more than a little cartoon, and certainly don’t always look and feel like a victory lap. But I was challenged in this, that I do want to grow in my trust for the great places God plans to take me – and take us – as a kingdom that is the winning side!!! To rob us of that Hope, is the grand plan of the enemy, I believe, more than robbing us of our health and possessions. Having a Kingdom perspective is a gift to us, and the world, our communities, our people of peace will be in awe of it, that we can live with real problems, struggle with real issues just like them, but somehow still walk with purpose and conviction.  Kingdom perspective is liberating! John 16:33 says, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” As Peter Rabbit would say, “A good rabbit never gives up!”May we always strive to bring our all to this gift that is life, knowing that our end is even more glorious than the beginning, because of Jesus.