I’m so enjoying the bursting forth of Spring that stirs the winds of changing seasons, and burgeons into life in the trees and gardens that surround me.  It creates this awesome atmosphere of optimism, drawing people outdoors again and triggering that desire to purge the home of winter dreariness.  It also marks that ‘home run’ quarter of the year, as we try to finish well for the year and then dive into the gloriousness of summer holidays and the most awesome reset button of a new year! It’s with that sense that I pick up again on the verse in Romans 4:17: “…the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.” It is amazing how dead things can look in the winter seasons.  A little hint of warmth and rain can literally transform a barren limb into a blossoming branch, full of life, inviting singing birds to fashion their nests, the searching buzz of industrious bees, and busy caterpillars preparing the next life-cycle.  It is evidence of a God who can turn things around and literally give life to the dead. As His prized Creation, made in His image, we can also breathe life into others.  Proverbs 18:21 tells us, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Our words frame our reality.  They are echoes of our core beliefs, resonating with the sound of our soul.  Somehow, as they amplify and reverberate, they not only reveal our beliefs but also reaffirm them.  So, do our words resemble the kind of hope and faith that stirs us to call into being that which is not?  Or do our words focus on a negative reality, full of despair and powerlessness?  It’s time to change the way we talk, girls. I’m going to share from my vault of ‘not-so-proud’ moments of my history, in the hope that my story would inspire you to reach beyond and be the kind of world-framers and changers that I know God has called you to be! When my kids were really small and my days were significantly marked by sleep deprivation, baby vomit and toddler tantrums, I found myself reaching out to Ric for help at the end of each day.  My idea of motivating him to come to my aid consisted of putting on the most despondent expression, listing the lowlights of the day, throwing a few dishes around the kitchen sink to express my frustration of getting nothing done and generally being miserable about the whole thing.  For some reason, when I spoke of having more children, Ric was firmly against the idea.  I thoroughly resented him for that response.  After all, I was the one doing all the work, right?  Then one day, a giant Kairos hit me out of nowhere.  I was visiting a friend and observed her behaviour when her husband returned home from work.  She even put lipstick on!  She greeted him with a giant pash at the front door (gross! – I told them to get a room) and looked happy to see him!  She told him good news about the day – a day I had shared and was not much different from my own.  And as I observed the warmth and responsiveness of her husband, I felt a growing conviction. I saw myself from the outside and wondered if I would be happy to come home to that everyday.  Suddenly I realised my husband was actually some kind of Saint!  I had nothing good to say, and he was greeted by a morbid wife with an overblown victim mentality.  This had to change. I started with my language and demenour.  I actually smiled at him when he walked in the door, reported on the highlights of our day, and asked him about his.  I may have even kissed him.  Shock horror.  It took a while for this to do a good work in me, but over time, my outlook on life began to shift.  I stopped playing the victim and began to take on more initiative.  I even started to creatively problem-solve!  If I wasn’t happy about how things were, I decided I could change it.  As the years unfolded, so did a pretty fantastic family life!  I saw the power of my words begin to define a new reality for my marriage and my kids.  I even convinced Ric to have more kids!  I was, in essence, calling into being that which was not. What do you need to call into being?  Whether its about your friendships, or your aspirations, or your home or your ministry, you can change the dynamic by letting Jesus change you. Criticism, manipulation and negativity do not create.  They destroy.  Life-giving words, full of faith and hope, frame new realities.  That power resides in you.