This is…



This is…



This is…

This is God’s Kingdom continuing to stretch out across the Earth as the Church responds to the cries of those in darkness, and to the heart of the Father who longs to gather His children.  We have much to celebrate and much more to lean into in the days ahead.

Proverbs 31 prophetically speaks of the Church – the Bride of Christ – and what She will accomplish in her season on the earth:

She sets her heart upon a nation and takes it as her own, carrying it within her. She labours there to plant the living vines.

This is Strong Nation Church!  She has indeed set her heart upon a nation – the nation of Cambodia – and we’ve taken her as our own sending missionaries, the Prevost family, and workers, Jenny Cooper and Deborah Kneale, planting a church and adopting her sons in Outdom Heang and Meanseth Chhun.  Now we seek to ‘labour there to plant the living vines.’

This year, at our Frontiers Summit, we launched STRONG VILLAGE.  In partnership with Strong Nation Church Cambodia, we are extending an arm into the villages, providing ongoing discipleship, small business training, education and support, providing vital connection to other needed services.  In addition, we are focusing on training up church planters so that believers in these remote communities can have access to thriving churches.

Our heart is large and we continue to support our friends who labour in Japan (Jono and Steph MacDonald), Indonesia (Robert and Rhonda Pope) and Indigenous Australia (Les Freeman).  Our partnership with ACCI also means Strong Nation Church contributes to 130 works all over the globe.

And we haven’t forgotten home.  Strong Nation Community and local Chaplaincy is wrapping its arms around hundreds of families every year.

This is You!  You are part of this epic story that is bringing hope and life to people and nations afar!  This happens because of your faithfulness, your prayers, your resources, your sacrifice!  This is you!


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